Civic Hall is a non-profit collaborative work and event space that supports civic tech, the use of technology to serve the public good. Located in the heart of New York City’s Silicon Alley, Civic Hall is where diverse civic innovators work, network, learn and organize to solve civic problems. Founded in February 2015, our community has grown to more than 850 technologists, social entrepreneurs, government officials, philanthropy professionals, journalists, activists and change-makers. In this short time, Civic Hall is proving itself to be a new kind of civic tech itself: a collaboration engine. As we keep signing up individual and organizational members, catalyzing connections between them, convening timely and diverse gatherings, nurturing early stage civic start-ups, and serving as a hub for community leaders and policymakers seeking to engage civic activists, we can hear that engine revving up.

Downloadable Reports

Civic Hall Semi-Annual Report (July – December 2017)

Civic Hall Semi-Annual Report (January – June 2017)

Civic Hall 2nd Annual Report (2016)

Civic Hall 1st Annual Report (2015)

Civic Hall Semi-Annual Report (February – July 2015)