About Us

Civic Hall’s mission is to foster innovation, education, and collaboration in New York City’s tech economy with a commitment to expanding opportunities for all. Located in the heart of the NYC tech community at Union Square, Civic Hall is a new, 85,000-square-foot learning and training center at the new state-of-the-art Zero Irving building.
In addition to serving as the nucleus for entrepreneurial and educational innovation, Civic Hall will facilitate groundbreaking partnerships among high-impact tenants and tech training partners to work collectively to meet the needs of all New Yorkers, especially those from communities too often left behind.
Civic Hall is a company of The Fedcap Group, a leading nonprofit that creates opportunities for individuals facing barriers to economic well-being.
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Our Talent Development Vision

The vision for Civic Hall is to make it the connective hub for the tech workforce development community in New York, and ultimately, help the sector grow, diversify, and deepen. The workforce development sector exhibits chronic fragmentation, in part due to limited financial resources and almost unavoidable operational inefficiencies. Civic Hall aims to be the solution to these deep-rooted challenges.
Through our physical and operational infrastructure, we can facilitate an interlocking, integrated, workforce system that works harmoniously to support learning across a spectrum of proficiency.

Our Interlocking Ecosystem

Civic Hall works by creating an environment where providers can focus on curriculum, teaching, and pedagogy.

In turn, we address the operational needs of providers by focusing on:

Building stackable and connective pathways among our onsite programs, and mapping these to external degrees or credentials.


Providing a single, unified, and cohesive vehicle to partner with the tech and employer community.


Supporting local outreach, marketing, and recruitment efforts.


Delivering on wraparound supports for students via Single Stop and other key Fedcap programs.

Collectively targeting public, private, and foundation fundraising opportunities.


Leveraging membership of our New York Tech Alliance to build relationships with industry and entrepreneurs to meet their needs.


Hosting public events and summits which explore the impact of emerging technological phenomena on the workforce.


Our Community

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