The Fedcap Group’s Civic Hall and RAL Development Services Finalize Agreement to House CIVIC HALL @ UNION SQUARE in New Zero Irving

The Fedcap Group’s Civic Hall and RAL Development Services Finalize Agreement to House CIVIC HALL @ UNION SQUARE in New Zero Irving

CIVIC HALL @ UNION SQUARE Will Be a State-of-the-Art Digital Skills Training Hub, Technology Incubator, and Conference and Community Space

Sponsored by The City of New York’s Economic Development Corporation, CIVIC HALL @ UNION SQUARE Will Create a Pipeline of Diverse Trained Talent to Support New York’s Growing Technology Industries

October 3, 2022

New York, NY— RAL Development Services and The Fedcap Group finalized a 25-year lease agreement to house Civic Hall @ Union Square in RAL’s new Zero Irving development at 124 East 14th Street. Zero Irving is a 21-story, 260,000-square foot tech-focused mixed-use development in the heart of Union Square. As contemplated by RAL’s winning RFP response to the New York City Economic Development Corporation that led to the launch of Zero Irving, The Fedcap Group’s Civic Hall @ Union Square will occupy 85,000 square feet on six floors and include a digital workforce training center with 25 state-of- the-art high-tech classrooms, collaborative community space, a technology start-up incubator, and modern conference and events center. Construction is scheduled to be completed and programs launched in early 2023.

The Fedcap Group’s Civic Hall @ Union Square will provide a comprehensive offering of digital skills and tech training programs—from certificates to degrees— to meet the New York City tech sector’s growing workforce need. The facility will primarily train individuals from underserved communities to provide economic well-being through well-paying sustainable tech jobs. The training and education programs will be delivered by The Fedcap Group’s nation-leading subsidiaries and partners, including Apex Technical School, Power52 Energy Solutions, Paul Smith’s College, and Fedcap Inc.—Fedcap’s workforce training arm. Additional tech training providers, focused on underserved populations working in New York City, will also be invited to utilize the Civic Hall facilities. Individuals trained at Civic Hall @ Union Square will also gain access to a suite of Fedcap’s wraparound services, including Single Stop which links individuals to essential services and benefits, financial literacy training, and other support programs.

“Civic Hall @ Union Square will be the crown jewel of digital skills training, collaboration, and innovation in the tech sector for New York City and beyond,” said Christine McMahon, President and CEO of The Fedcap Group. “Civic Hall @ Union Square will not only lift up and provide a sustainable economic future for many individuals too often left behind in our economy, but also will provide the pipeline to meet the tremendous workforce need for New York City’s thriving tech sector. I want to thank Mayor Adams, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation led by President and CEO, Andrew Kimball, as well as his entire team, for their steadfast support of this critically-important project. I also want to give special thanks to Andrew Rasiej, Co-Founder and President of Civic Hall, for his vision and unending effort to make this project happen.”

“RAL’s development ethos is to be a city builder more than a building builder. That means we take on complex projects that build toward both commercial success and social contributions. The anticipated opening of Civic Hall @ Union Square makes us particularly proud, as we believe that offering tech education in a central, transit-rich location like Union Square will make a genuine difference to the fabric of New York City. We will continue to seek out public-private deals and other projects in New York and beyond that engage our full team toward inclusive developments that enhance communities,” said Spencer Levine, President of RAL Development Services.

“Civic Hall @ Union Square will be a critical hub for New Yorkers of all backgrounds to learn new skills leading to good paying jobs and career pathways in a range of tech sectors,” said NYCEDC President & CEO Andrew Kimball. “I want to thank RAL, Fedcap, Civic Hall, my colleagues at EDC and Council Member Carlina Rivera for their leadership in creating this remarkable public-private partnership.”

A recent study found that although high-tech employment expanded by 45% since 2008—or 2.5 times faster than the New York City economy overall—and despite the fact that tech sector wages are 80% higher than for New York City jobs overall, 70% of employers faced challenges hiring in the sector. And communities of color are often left behind with Black and Latinx workers making up only 18% of the high-tech workforce.

“New York City is full of good paying jobs in exciting industries, but too many people face barriers to accessing these opportunities. I’m proud to support the work of The Fedcap Group and Civic Hall to bring real life skills training and development to people who need it the most,” said Council Member Carlina Rivera. “As we look to our economic future, we must make sure that people are prepared to take positions in growing industries, and that no one is left behind in the pandemic recovery. Working with Community Board 3 and local social services organizations, Civic Hall @ Zero Irving is an amazing opportunity to bring these vital programs to those communities most in need.”

“We must ensure that there are strong pipelines to tech sector jobs and the modern economy, and Civic Hall @ Union Square will play a crucial role in preparing New Yorkers for careers in tech,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “I’m looking forward to watching talented New Yorkers learn, collaborate, and grow as we continue our economic recovery here in New York City.”

“This project represents New York City’s unending commitment to every New Yorker, regardless of background, or economic ability, to have the opportunity to fully participate in the 21 st Century economy,” said Andrew Rasiej, Co-Founder and President of Civic Hall. “The ultimate goal is for Civic Hall @ Union Square to be a replicable model ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion will be the hallmark of our City’s economic future. I want to thank The Fedcap Group, the City of New York Economic Development Corporation, and RAL Development Services for fulfilling the promise we all made to our community and to our City and making the dream of Civic Hall @ Union Square a reality.”

About the Zero Irving Project
In addition to the six floors dedicated to Civic Hall @ Union Square, Zero Irving introduces 176,000 square feet of modern, trophy quality office space across the upper 14 floors of the 21-story building. Views of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan are spectacular, and alternating floors at Zero Irving boast corner double-height dedicated spaces with 23-foot ceilings, offering users distinctive high-impact space. Among the premier office building's amenities are a large, landscaped roof deck, a 14,000 square foot event and conferencing space available to tenants, a full-service fitness center with lockers, showers and bike storage, and a ground floor indoor/outdoor food hall by Urbanspace with 12+ curated food vendors.

About The Fedcap Group
Since 1935, The Fedcap Group has developed scalable, innovative and potentially disruptive solutions to some of society’s most pressing needs. The Fedcap Group generates more than $400M of revenue annually to serve over 250,000+ people each year across an international footprint. The work of The Fedcap Group is structured within four major areas of practice—workforce development, educational services, health services, and economic development— and delivered through a growing number of top- tier companies—each focused on helping people with barriers achieve long term economic well-being.

About RAL Development Services
RAL Development Services LLC (RAL),, is a real estate development firm with a three-generation, 40+ year track record of success in building complex, high-profile projects nationally and internationally.  RAL’s multidisciplinary in-house expertise includes predevelopment and approvals, urban planning, architecture and design, finance, construction management, landscape architecture, marketing and leasing, and property management.  RAL operates both as a principal owner/developer and as an owner’s representative, bringing its expertise to residential, commercial, mixed-use, planned communities, Resorts and hospitality, and other property types.  RAL prides itself on its dedication to the communities it works with, creating strong and lasting relationships with local constituencies wherever they build, as well as employing union labor and collaborating with MWBE contractors when possible. RAL uses and believes in cutting-edge processes and technologies, but never substitutes them for the experience, ingenuity, creativity, passion, leadership, and professional judgment provided by its people.

About Civic Hall
Founded in 2015, Civic Hall is one of the nation’s leading organizations focused on learning and collaboration to advance technology and problem-solving for the public good. It has grown into a thriving community with more than 1,000 members and organizations that includes tech companies, government and nonprofit agencies and philanthropic and academic institutions and has become the center for NYC’s efforts to develop a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive technology industry. The Fedcap Group acquired Civic Hall in 2021.


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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This important recognition was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans’ lives, and to celebrate recovery from mental illness. This year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness encourages the amplification of the message “Together for Mental Health,” and to advocate for access to quality care for anyone affected by a mental illness.

The prevalence and impact of mental illness are hard to overstate. U.S. prisons are filled with people suffering from untreated mental illness. Incidences of mental illness have gone up significantly since the pandemic began in 2020, when The National Institute of Health reported that one in five American adults experienced a mental health issue, and one in 20 Americans lived with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression. One in 6 young people experienced a major depressive episode, and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10-24.

The companies of The Fedcap Group understand that most people with mental health problems can recover, and that treatment and recovery are ongoing processes that happen over time. We also believe that work completes treatment. The first step is getting help, and each day across our agency we provide proven treatments, supports and community-based activities to help people living with a mental illness on their path to recovery, through a lens of long-term economic well-being.

Together we can fight the stigma of mental illness, and help build a world where care and treatment for mental illness are available to all.

Celebrating the Strength and Tenacity of Women

Celebrating the Strength and Tenacity of Women

March is National Women’s History Month, which recognizes the contributions of women to history, society and culture. The month-long observance, celebrated since 1987, honors women who changed history—women like Abigail Adams, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks—and countless others who, despite systemic discrimination, fought for equality and justice, and achieved greatness in their chosen field of endeavor.

Despite the incredible courage and hard work of generations of women, we are still a long way from an equitable society. Women constitute 27 percent of Congress, but over half the population. At Fortune 500 companies, women account for just over seven percent of CEOs. Women make up only 28 percent of the STEM workforce. Women’s median earnings are 80.8 percent those of men. A black woman has to work 19 months to earn what white men do in a year, according to the National Partnership for Women and Families. Latina women earn $0.57 for every dollar earned by white men.

Across the U.S., 15.5 percent of women live in poverty compared with 11.9 percent of men. Retired women are twice as likely as retired men to live in poverty. Workplace sexual harassment and assault are common, and drive many women from their jobs. Sixty-six percent of female service members report sexual harassment or assault. As many as one in four women are victims of domestic violence.

These inequalities and injustices were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a disproportionate impact on women’s participation in the workforce, placed greater burdens on paid and unpaid caregivers, and increased rates of domestic violence. Today, the constitutional right to abortion is threatened as States seek to restrict and deny critical reproductive health care and bodily autonomy.

Yet women everywhere, inspired by heroines who changed history, are making great strides in the ongoing fight for equality. According to A Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2022 by President Joe Biden—“Women of the labor movement are achieving monumental reforms to help all workers secure the better pay, benefits, and safety they deserve. LGBTQI+ women and girls are leading the fight for justice, opportunity, and equality — especially for the transgender community. Women and girls continue to lead groundbreaking civil rights movements for social justice and freedom, so that everyone can realize the full promise of America.”

The companies of The Fedcap Group are represented by women at every level, and we are stronger for it. Please join us during this Women’s History Month in honoring women who have changed the world, and those who continue the struggle for equality and fairness.