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A Lever and a Place to Stand: How Civic Tech Can Move the World

Civic tech is an emerging field. Its meaning is still being forged as practitioners discover better ways to use tech for civic purposes: to empower their communities, change how government works, or solve a social problem. 

In some cases, civic apps—that is, tools or platforms that are designed primarily for one of these civic purposes—are the key to change. But general-purpose tech platforms and services can also be used to achieve civic goals. This book takes a close look at both, including up-to-date case studies of SeeClickFix, Front Porch Forum, NextDoor, NationBuilder, Public Lab, Brigade and Facebook; in-depth reports on new kinds of distributed organizing efforts like Hollaback! and the 2014 People’s Climate March; and critiques of ChangeByUs and Waze. 

Whether you are a technologist, an organizer, an activist, or just a citizen who wants to make the world a better place, as you read this book, you will discover new ways of making our new tools work for us, our communities, and our society.

Featuring contributions by Rebecca Chao, Denise Cheng, Allison Fine, Alexander B. Howard, Matt Leighninger, Jessica McKenzie, Eilís O’Neill, Sam Roudman, and Micah L. Sifry.