Feeling Guilty

The inside story of cheap and easy online harassment; Facebook employees are feeling guilty; and more.

  • Cyber-insecurity: Julia Angwin’s account of cheap and easy harassment of ProPublica reporters through email spam and Twitter bots is an absolute must-read.

  • Ryan Nakashima and Barbara Ortutay report for the Associated Press that Russian Twitter accounts deflected criticism of Donald Trump ahead of the election, and redirected the conversation to criticism of Hillary Clinton.

  • One study suggests that news shared on Twitter can substantially shape online conversation on the topic, even when shared from relatively small publications, Niraj Chokshi reports for The New York Times.

  • Life in Facebookistan: “Do I feel guilty? Absolutely I feel guilt.” Vanity Fair’s Maya Kosoff rounds up all the Facebook employees expressing regret at the beast they helped create.

  • Nicholas Hirst reports for Politico on how Europe’s competition commissioner protects her online privacy and keeps her social media use in check.

  • Davey Alba reports for BuzzFeed that technology companies evaded directly answering questions about whether or not NDAs would prevent employees from speaking out about sexual harassment.

  • Do something: The Sunlight Foundation is asking the public to submit a comment to the FEC asking the agency to change the rules about disclosing who’s behind political ad buys. The deadline to comment has been extended to Monday.

  • Apply: Emerge New York is looking for their first-ever executive director. Learn more and apply here.