Trump under investigation for obstruction of justice; Uber and Lyft contributing to SF traffic; and more.

With Angel Quicksey

  • Trump watch: Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the role of Russian interference in last year’s election, is looking into whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice, Devlin Barrett, Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima, and Sari Horwitz report for The Washington Post.

  • Tech and injustice: In the algorithm Chicago police use to predict which residents are most likely to be involved in a shooting, the most predictive indicators defy common perceptions, Jeff Asher and Rob Arthur write in The New York Times. Gang involvement has little predictive power, while being a victim of a shooting or assault indicates greater risk.

  • Roshan Abraham reports for The Verge on how the ACLU is trying pass legislation around the country that increases community oversight over the acquisition of surveillance software.

  • Patrick Meier writes on his blog about consulting with Facebook on their disaster mapping project, and says he began joking that process of getting projects past the company’s privacy, security, and legal teams “makes the UN look fast.”

  • Related: TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas writes in the wake of the fire in London that Facebook’s Safety Check feature risks generating more stress than it relieves.

  • What sharing economy? Uber and Lyft vehicles account for a fifth of all vehicle miles in San Francisco, rising to a quarter of trips in peak periods in certain neighborhoods, Carolyn Said reports for the San Francisco Chronicle. A recent report proves what many suspected, that the ride-sharing companies are contributing to traffic congestion in the city.

  • In his recent New York Times column, Farhad Manjoo urges consumers to consider alternatives to Uber to push the ride-sharing company to adopt better behavior. Thinking twice about using the service is the only way, Manjoo argues, to hold Uber accountable.

  • The Pew Charitable Trusts have put out a request for applications from groups interested in taking on the Voting Information Project.

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