Innovations of This Protest Movement

Translations, Interventions, Crowdsourcing, Innovations & more from black voices and the Black Lives Matter Movement

It seems the U.S. and the world are no longer standing for anti-Black racism and the rising of a people-powered movement for Black lives is inspiring to witness and partake in.

As our small contribution, we compiled content and resources from the changemakers, creators, healers, and dreamers whose guidance we seek to find our way into a world where people don’t have to risk a global pandemic to declare a fundamentally human right: “Black Lives Matter.” 

We hope you’ll find something new, activating, even challenging, here. And if so, please take action


 Protest Innovations 

Here are some of the creative and innovative ways people are educating, organizing, and amplifying Black voices and the Black Lives Matter movement: 

 Education and Accountability 

Resources for if you’re protesting: 


Illustrated strategic protest

How to record video during protests


What to wear? Protesting Safely


Resources for if you want to support as an ally: 

Resources for if you want to hold your communities accountable: 

 How to stay engaged 


Act Blue | Black-owned businesses | Black-owned food coop in Brooklyn | Black Visions Collective | Campaign Zero | Equal Justice Initiative | George Floyd Memorial Fund | Know Your Rights Campaign | Minnesota Freedom Fund | NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund | Reclaim the Block | Reparations paid directly to individuals and families | The Marshall Project | The Sentencing Project |

Continue learning: 

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YouTube video
U.S. Protesters Are Taking Some Tactics From Hong Kong’s Playbook
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 How to engage in sensitive conversations with grace 

Here are seven steps on how to graciously make and learn from mistakes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) from Yejin Lee, Director of Organizational Design at Civic Hall.

  1. Do your homework
  2. Lower your defenses
  3. Focus on impact, not intent
  4. Accept responsibility
  1. Offer a genuine apology
  2. Make a plan to learn
  3. Rinse and repeat!

Read more about each step


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