The Power of Crowds

Two weeks that have shaken the US, and the world, by the numbers.

  • Total number of Occupy Wall Street-related groups on Facebook, fall 2011: 700
  • Number of US locations that held a Women’s March in January 2017, according to the Crowd Counting Consortium: 653
  • Number of US locations that held a March for Our Lives rally in March, 2018: 763
  • Number of US locations that held a #GeorgeFloyd protest in May: 502
  • Number of US locations that have held a #GeorgeFloyd protest so far in June: 677
  • Percentage of Americans who say they have participated, or plan to participate, in a protest, as of June 1: 12.9%
  • Percentage of those ages 18-34: 23.9%
  • Percentage that say that COVID-19 has impacted their decision to participate: 41.2%
  • Number of videos of police brutality or misconduct against protesters collected by lawyer Greg Doucette since May 30: 591
  • Number of documented acts of vigilante violence against protestors tallied and mapped by Alexander Reid Ross: 123 in 96 counties
  • Number of arrests or assaults on journalists tallied by US Press Freedom Tracker: 383
  • Map visualization of that collection by Manuchir Aminian
  • Number of tweets alleging that George Soros is paying for the protests and that he funds Antifa, on May 30th alone: more than 500,000
  • Number of #GeorgeFloyd protests held outside the US since May 28: 233
  • Total annual budget for the United Nations, 2020: $3,000,000,000:
  • Total annual budget for the New York City police department, 2020: $5,900,000,000

Bonus reading: An ode to the power of crowds, by Dan Hancox in the Guardian.
(Hat tip to the Harper’s Index, for inventing this formula.)

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