Till Innovation Comes

A blueprint for exploiting the country’s divisions; questions for Sidewalk Labs in Toronto; and more.

  • The Rita Allen and Knight foundations have commissioned a report on the sustainability of civic tech, published today.

  • Bianca Wylie compiles a list of questions that Torontoist and Toronto residents have for Sidewalk Labs.

  • Cisco Systems wants to make Michigan “one of the most secure and digitally advanced” states in the country, Jonathan Oosting and Christine Ferretti report for The Detroit News.

  • All the videos from Asia’s first ever civic tech festival are now up online here.

  • Social media matters: Facebook, Google, and Twitter have informed congress that inflammatory content created and dispersed by Russian agents had a far larger reach than first reported, reaching 126 million users on Facebook alone, Mike Isaac and Daisuke Wakabayashi report for The New York Times.

  • “We did not understand the extent to which governments–essentially what the Russians did–would use hacking to control the information space. It was not something we anticipated strongly enough,” Google/Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt told Fast Company. “I worry that the Russians in 2020 will have a lot more powerful tools.”

  • Facebook gave political advertisers and campaigns a “targetable breakdown of a fractured United States, which could’ve been used as a blueprint for exploiting the country’s divisions,” Alex Kantrowitz reports for BuzzFeed.

  • Nine experts weigh in for The New York Times on how to fix Facebook—as a product, a company or both.

  • A new report from the World Economic Forum says tech companies should be tackling extremism and political misinformation online more aggressively, David Ingram reports for Reuters.

  • Christopher Mims reports for The Wall Street Journal that people are lining up to take a crack at reining in Facebook’s freedoms.

  • Happy Halloween! Vu Le has written seven scary nonprofit stories to tell in the dark on his blog, Nonprofit: always Fresh. Might I recommend the story, “Wait Till Innovation Comes”?