• 3FHC

    Good article. Appreciate the recognition of the idea that it is a lack of civic processes people can get behind rather than a lack of civic knowledge that is the issue. Reminds me of when I witnessed the head of a DC lobbying firm tell with a straight face a group of college students that lobbyists are doing civil service work. O.o

  • Anita

    I love the idea of cultural dream work and am very interested to see the development on the economic inequality campaign via the Hunger Games stories.

  • My sentiment as well – that technology’s promise is not in the gadget, but the civic and social engagement. I entered this space from an agriculture sustainability perspective and ended up creating a governance compass that identified the four ‘generic’ aspects of social governance; public policy-maker, private policy-maker, public practitioner and private practitioner. Using these four ‘actor’ sectors and the three typical governance styles (hierarchy, market and network) I was able to describe the unlimited number of governance frameworks in complex social systems. A recently released Taylor & Francis book, Shared Governance for Sustainable Working Landscapes http://bit.ly/1PMW2rA describes this method using 11 state and national sustainability case studies.