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An Xiao Mina

An “An Xiao” Mina is a technologist, writer and artist. She leads the product team at Meedan, where they are building Bridge, a platform for social translation of social media, and Checkdesk, a platform for verifying news in real time. A member of the First Draft Coalition, Meedan supports work for a number of outlets, including Bellingcat and National Geographic’s Out of Eden Walk. She is also co-founder of The Civic Beat, an online magazine and writer’s collective focused on issues of global justice, creativity, and technology. 
An has spoken at venues like RightsCon, Creative Mornings, SIGCHI and Aspen Film, and she has contributed writing to publications like the Los Angeles Review of Books, Fusion and the New Inquiry. She serves as a contributing editor to Civicist and advisory editor to Hyperallergic. A recent 2016 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow, she is currently working on a book about internet memes and global social movements.

Follow An on Twitter @anxiaostudio.

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