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Cheryl Contee, Josh Hendler, and Julie Menter

Cheryl Contee has started several successful companies, including cofounding social marketing software, which New Media Ventures invested in early on. was the first tech startup in history with a black female founder on board to be acquired by a NASDAQ-traded company (Blackbaud). Cheryl is also CEO of Fission Strategy, which helps the world’s leading non-profits, foundations and social enterprises design digital ecosystems that create change globally.

Josh Hendler joined Purpose after having worked at the intersection of social good and technology throughout his career. His sweet spot is technology leadership roles in politics, having served as the technology chief for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America. During the 2008 campaign, he was a consultant to the Obama campaign, managing technology for distributed organizing efforts. Most recently, Josh was the Chief Technology Officer at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a global communications agency, where he led product and consulted with the Digital and Sustainability practice. Working across NGOs and startups, he has been at Rock the Vote, Jumo and Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Julie Menter is a Principal at New Media Ventures, a fund and national network of early stage investors supporting startups that create progressive political change. Recently, she has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Civicist and featured on the main stage at the Personal Democracy Forum, for her work to support startups responding to the political moment in the US. Throughout her career, Julie has searched for opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around her. As a strategy consultant, first with the Boston Consulting Group and then with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, she has worked with large companies and non-profit organizations to redefine what good business means.

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