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Claudina Sarahe and Darshana Narayanan

CS (Claudina Sarahe) is a strategist, technologist, educator, and organizer. For over 12 years she’s helped businesses and nonprofits design and scale products and teams. In 2012 she founded Composites Collective, a New York City based lab and consultancy that operates at the intersection of design and technology, behavioral sciences, and society. Currently she’s working on product and strategy for and building Talk to NYC platform.

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Darshana Z. Narayanan is an interdisciplinary complex systems researcher. She is currently at Composites Collective and, leveraging her expertise in human behavior, and AI technology, to build tools and processes that support inclusion, participation, and effective collaboration. She works with universities, governments, businesses, non-profits and communities. Darshana has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Princeton University. For more info please visit:

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