Curtis Davis

Marketing Associate

Curtis is Civic Hall’s Marketing Associate, freshly relocated from Phoenix, Arizona. Trained at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, his career has focused on nonprofits and community organizing, with experience in development and event management, as well as marketing and communications. He has an entrepreneurial mindset that aligns with Civic Hall, and enjoys riffing on business development, especially marketing. You can connect with Curtis on LinkedIn.

In his free time, Curtis loves exploring the city, attending and networking events throughout the city and also participates in Zumba and other dance classes. “Growing up in a single-parent, impoverished household as a gay youth, I experienced a lot of adversity and dance really helped me get energy out. It was just ME and the dance floor; nothing else was going on — an escape for that energy.” From the age of ten, Curtis had been creating dance routines. In high school he started the first campus hip hop squad. He’s offered to start teaching dance classes here at Civic Hall!