All the time in American public life, millions of people are in motion, seeking to engage elected officials and shift public opinion, forming and joining thousands of national and local groups. Some of these groups were just founded and are rapidly growing, while others have long-standing experience working on key issues and are enjoying an influx of volunteers and resources. The times, they are a ‘changing!

At the center of all of this activity are organizers, often working in isolation from home or in challenging settings like crowded coffee shops or impersonal co-working spaces, where they miss out on many forms of mutual support, including skill-sharing, connections and problem-solving.

Civic Hall, through the support of the Craig Newmark Foundation, wants to change that dynamic by offering individuals and small teams involved in organizing to defend democracy and civil rights free memberships in our collaborative community center, along with mentoring and support amplifying their messages across our platform.


Applications for our Spring cohort are closed

>> The next cycle of our Organizers In Residence Program opens in the Fall of 2018!!! << 


Program Information:

The next cycle of the Civic Hall Organizers In Residence Program (CHOIR) begins on February 1st:

  • Application deadline is January 24th, 2018.
  • Awarded residents will be announced on January 29th, 2018.
  • Program ends on July 31st, 2018.

Each organizer in this program will receive a full-time 6-month community membership in Civic Hall, plus five hours free conference room time per month (suitable for bringing in team members for periodic meetings).

Organizers are expected to be working on a specific project during the course of their residency, which can be a campaign, an organizational launch, a particular organizational challenge, or a product or site launch. At the beginning of the program, you will share that project with your fellow organizers-in-residence, and over the course of the program, you will workshop each other’s work, aiming to share skills, ideas, networks and mutual support. You will be expected to document your project with an initial blog post (or video), a mid-term report and an end-of-term report.

The residency will also include seminars with veteran organizers and social movement leaders, as well as social activities to build stronger personal relationships. Participants will also receive one-on-one mentoring support from Civic Hall’s co-founder Micah Sifry.



  1. Demonstrate a high level of commitment to efforts defending democracy and civil society.
  2. Commit to being physically resident at Civic Hall at least 50% time, including biweekly cohort meetings and monthly seminars. Attendance at these sessions is mandatory.
  3. As with all people in our general scholarship program, participants will also be expected to contribute to larger the Civic Hall community by actively participating in community events and offering workshop or skillshares at least once over the term of the residency.

Civic Hall envisions a future where the use of technology by all creates a more democratic, just, and equitable society. We actively seek a diverse pool of applicants from or who have worked closely with historically marginalized groups, including but not limited to people with disabilities, people of color, LGBTQ people, first- or second-generation immigrants, and people from low-income families. When applying, please include information about your unique background.

Program Goals and Expectations for Organizers:

  • To bring a current project or challenge you are working on, and then to tackle and advance it through the course of the residency.
  • To build and foster community with fellow organizers and like-minded Civic Hall members
  • To infuse your expertise, lived experience, and other skills into the larger Civic Hall community.
  • To respect the time of other organizers and staff with mandatory attendance to all bi-weekly meetings.

Program Goals and Expectations for Civic Hall:

  • To actively foster a community within the organizers-in-residence cohort and with the greater Civic Hall membership.
  • To foster valuable networking opportunities with Civic Hall members, event participants, organizers, and others within Civic Hall’s ecosystem.
  • To curate a series of monthly seminars with veteran organizers to share their experience, advice, and tactics.
  • To offer mentorship within the CHOIR program between new and continuing organizers.
  • To foster camaraderie, solidarity, and support from fellow organizers and Civic Hall staff to ensure the success of organizer’s project(s), the sustainability of the organizer’s work, and self-care for the holistic wellness of the organizer.

See our current Organizers-in-Residence cohort HERE.