Civic Hall and Digital Void Present: Meme Literacies Workshop

This virtual workshop is a participatory experience equipping people with the skills to identify hidden messages and become meme literate.

Civic Hall and Digital Void present:

Meme Literacy: Expanding on Digital Media Literacies in a Overloaded World

The world is speaking in images. Over the last decade, memes, those quirky images that are shared all over social media, have evolved from cute and snarky shareables to nuance-laden, multi-referential messaging. Memes are the surplus of culture and the need to understand them, especially amidst the unprecedented moment, is paramount to understand how visual language and digital culture operate. This workshop, led by meme scholar and digital culture expert Dr. Jamie Cohen, will teach you how to identify the hidden message in memes, to discern the difference between “normie” and “dogwhistle” memes, and learn how upgrade your digital media literacies.

The workshop will provide a brief history of the memes of the last decade and how much power they have over our understanding of history and communication. Memes are more than funny, shareable images, they are a language.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Pepe the Frog evolved to a symbol of hate
  • The Doge meme disrupted history
  • Minion memes are dangerous for meme discourse
  • Memes can be weaponized and language can be altered
  • To identify the hidden messages known as dogwhistles
  • To be meme literate, savvy, and responsible when you share them on your timeline

This virtual workshop is a one-hour participatory experience and will include virtual break-out rooms to discuss examples followed by a 30 minute question and answers section.