November 14, 2017

Brown Bag Lunch with Action Blitz : #Resist #ACASabotage

Location: Cafe

12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT

November 1st was the start of ACA open enrollment for But this year–in most states–it’s over in 6 weeks! Because Trump slashed ACA advertising and navigator outreach funding, most people don’t know how easy it (still) is to sign up. Some even think the ACA is dead.

So, Action Blitz and Resistance Media Collective said –fine, we got this! We’ll make our own ads and let everyone know how to sign up!

On Saturday Oct. 28th dozens of professional creative and healthcare experts met for eight hours of creative collaboration and produced loads of graphics, memes, videos, and more to promote ACA Open Enrollment.

And they all live for public use in the Action Blitz ACA Social Media Toolkit:

Many are going viral already. One example: Everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about ACA Enrollment

COME join us for a lunchtime chat and see what we made, use the toolkit and share!

#Resist #ACASabotage and save lives with us!

Action Blitz is comprised of Civic Hall members David Ambrose, Ellen Mendlow, Kathryn Jones, Rapi Castillo and guests Ananda Ambrose and Ling Koh Hsu. Civic Hall members Jerry Weinstein, Ashley Tallevi and Jonny Goldstein joined us for the day as well. Action Blitz is delighted to call Resistance Media Collective and the Democratic Coalition partners on this amazing day of action to promote ACA Open Enrollment.

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