December 4, 2017

How Can Kids Become Engaged Citizens in this Age of Turmoil?

Location: Cafe

12:30pm - 2:00pm EST

The heart of democracy beats in every citizen, including, and especially, in children.

This interactive event is the start of an inquiry: How do we nurture that civic spirit and critical thinking in all individuals K-12 in our schools?

Starting with a lively ‘Tonight Show’ format DK Holland of Inquiring Minds and her four guests will ‘set the stage’:
DeNora Getachew, executive director of Generation Citizen NY
Jacqueline Simmons, senior lecturer curriculum/teaching at Teachers College
Dr. Elizabeth Waters, neuroscientist/teaching coach/partner of Inquiring Minds
Joe Rogers, Director of Public Engagement at the Center for Education Equity/Teachers College

Each participant will add their unique point of view so we understand the big challenge: How can education help develop kids to become lifelong citizens? After a brief introduction you’ll be asked to contribute your own reflections in small group discussions which will include networking and lead to ‘next steps’. Please bring handouts to share if appropriate.

All are welcome to participate. Brown bag lunch. Free event. Space is limited.

Please be a good citizen and cancel if you can’t attend. There will be a waitlist.
For more information including speaker biographies, please go to

What may I bring?
This is a free event and please feel free to bring brown bag lunch. Its interactive so bring your civic-mindedness and vision for all children to become engaged citizens.
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

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