November 14, 2017

Heat Seek Sensor Demo & Discussion

Location: Board Room

12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT

Winter is coming…

Join Heat Seek on November 14th for a discussion of our work and a demo of our new sensors! We’ll briefly talk about the design process (hardware R&D funded by a grant!), walk through all the new features, and demo the set-up and installation process. Whether you’re a civic tech afficionado or a tenant organizer hoping to use Heat Seek sensors with your tenants this winter, this demo is a great opportunity to see the sensors in action and get comfortable working with the hardware. We’ll also do a brief refresher on the Heat Seek web app, and discuss our winter sensor deployment and upcoming work.

Heat Seek builds low-cost, web connected temperature sensors to help tenants document when they’re not getting heat in their NYC apartments during the wintertime.

For tenant organizers and legal service providers:
Heat Seek staff will be on hand to answer questions about the sensors & web app, the installation process, and installation best practices for ensuring accurate data. We’ll walk through the process for requesting sensors for your tenants, and talk about the support that Heat Seek can offer throughout the winter.

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