June 20, 2017

Lunch and Learn: Making the Most of the Influencers You Know

Location: Cafe

12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT

Social media is paramount in all of our lives, both personally and professionally, and even politically, with our leaders more accessible via Tweet than they used to be! We use it to talk to our friends and family as well as to grow our networks for business and community organizing. Most of us often feel like we need to boost our social media influence and it seems like only a large-scale influencer can offer the megaphone we need.


But rather than trying to get one tweet by a celebrity whose audience barely notices you, there’s a lot to be said for building your community with micro-influencers. Are they more likely to connect you with your people via shared interests and passion? They could even help create content about your organization, as one comedian did to advance women’s rights at work.
Join Fission Strategy’s seasoned digital strategists Aimée Castenell and Kathleen Pequeño at Civic Hall in New York City on June 20 for a lunch and learn. We’ll talk about how to identify micro-influencers that you’re already connected to and share examples of organizations that have built relationships with micro-influencers where everybody wins.

Fission is working to bring the best practices of Silicon Valley culture to the social good sector. We partner with nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and foundations to help advance good ideas.

This lunch and learn will include lunch, a brief presentation, then time for conversation and networking.

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