November 28, 2017

Lunch & Learn with Li’l Stories: Building Empathy With User Stories

Location: Board Room

12:30pm - 2:00pm EST

Li’l Stories is a language arts framework that nurtures creative thinking and cooperative learning. Originally designed for the elementary classroom, we’ll take the Li’l Stories storyboarding process for a spin: In this Lunch & Learn, you’ll create with a colleague or other Civic Hall member, user journey stories and share your stories with the group.

User journey stories are a great tool to create empathy and understanding of your customers. You can create different kinds of stories:
– “A day in the life” stories to understand your users, their needs and pain points;
– Stories showing how a user could interact with your product or service to communicate your vision and understand user behavior and their expectation.

Artists, designers and filmmakers often use storyboarding as a framework that provides structure for linear storytelling. Similarly, the Li’l Stories storyboarding process will help you structure your stories and organize your thinking.

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