February 17, 2017

Machine Eatable: The Journey from Analytics to Editorial

Location: Cafe

12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT

The journey from analytics to editorial
Journalism’s adjustment to the digital age has required a crash course in data and analytics. The editor’s hunch now sits next to realtime metrics on content performance across a dizzying array of channels.
How do leading publications like The New York Times adjust to a wide range of new competitors? How has data been introduced to newsroom staff and leadership? How has it affected newsroom decision making? What can be done to ensure that we protect the craft of investigative journalism while ensuring it finds and resonates with a meaningful audience?
Please join us for a rich, attendee-driven discussion on what data-driven journalism should look like and how it should serve a society in need. Also, sandwiches. Always sandwiches.


Conversation leaders
Samarth Bhaskar (@samarthbhaskar) is an editor for Digital Transition at the NYTimes. He works with editors, journalists and the masthead in the newsroom to support editorial and operational decision making. He was previously a newsroom analytics manager at the Times, and an analyst at Etsy and Obama for America.
Hannah Poferl (@hannahpoferl) is a newsroom strategy editor at the NYTimes. She supports newsroom leadership through data and strategy projects. She has played a key role in the introduction and adoption of data in the newsroom since 2014. Prior to to The Times Hannah worked as an analytics lead for digital agencies including Brooklyn-based Huge and Threespot in Washington DC.

Matt Stempeck (@mstem) of Microsoft Technology & Civic Innovation (@MicrosoftNY)
We collaboratively address the most pressing community challenges through the creation, deployment, and evangelism of civic technology.
Civic Hall (@CivicHall)
A collaborative innovation center that advances the use of technology for the public good.

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