September 14, 2017

Nat’l Intervention: how to activate the 65% of those who NEVER vote.

Location: Cafe

1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Studies suggest that power, as a substance, can be as addictive in the human brain as cocaine, if not more. Called into Congress after architecting and executing the financial collapse, financial industry leaders testified that the government cannot expect them to stop themselves, adding that they cannot stop themselves, the government must act to intervene in order to stop them. Yet, may of the reforms since do far too little to stop those addicted to wealth and power from mass destruction in pursuit of the next fix.

NationalIntervention invites elected officials to prove they are not controlled by an addiction to corporate power and money in politics. We recognize that it is unlikely to happen in time to use a sober democracy for urgent legislation on the economy and the environment before it’s too late. Nonetheless, we want to give those who may be addicted in elected office a chance to quit on their own.

For “sober” politicians running against non-sober candidates, NationalIntervention is able to get out 65% of the NON-voting population to actually vote for the sober candidate.

Nat’l intervention has tested this on local candidates and wants to bring this to a state / federal level approach.

Join the brown bag discussion at Civic Hall on Thursday, Sept 14 at 1pm for an in depth discussion about how we can rethink campaigns and remove the influence of corporate money in politics.

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