January 24, 2018

ReferNYC: Building the Infrastructure for Innovation Together

Location: Board Room

12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT

Join us for a Brown Bag discussion about the latest pilot out of Civic Hall Labs: ReferNYC, a collaborative effort between Civic Hall Labs, several city agencies and social service organizations to develop an open data infrastructure that can streamline the work of providing referrals.

Over 3 million New Yorkers access some form of social services for support. New York City has one of the broadest safety nets in the country, but maintaining up-to-date data is becoming a major challenge. Which organizations provide what services to whom? Where are they and when are they open? What languages do they speak? These details are constantly in flux and there is a baffling array of call centers, directories, websites and apps, each with duplicative and often contradictory information. Referrers in the health, human, and social services space need a better way to provide, fund, or refer people to services, but they don’t have a sustainable, real-time way to share or maintain this information.

ReferNYC will create the infrastructure that helps integrate previously-siloed systems and open up data about health and human services in NYC. The open data exchange will help organizations providing critical services share real-time referral directory data to people in need by connecting referral organizations. We are seeking partners to help build the health and human services open data exchange.

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