November 9, 2017

Right at The Start — 5 Key Mistakes of Very-Early-Stage Social Entrepreneurship

Location: Cafe

12:30pm - 2:00pm EST

Very Early-Stage Social Entrepreneurship demands a distinct form of guidance that is categorically distinct from the advice typically offered by incubator and accelerator programs — but where can social founders acquire these critical insights?

To help fill this guidance gap, the Youth Orchestra of the Americas created the Global Leaders Program (GLP) to empower the rising generation of creative changemakers. GLP annually selects a cohort of 35 musician-changemakers from around the world and provides them with nine-months of curated instruction delivered by world-class academic institutions and think tanks.

Please join us on Thursday, 11/9 @ 12:30pm when
— GLP academic Director, Jose Pedro Zenteno
— GLP alumna, Natalia Jimenez
— Yellow Magnet co-founders, Louis Songster and Aaron Green
will discuss the Five Key Mistakes of Early-Stage Social Entrepreneurship.

José Pedro Zenteno
A native of Santiago, Chile, José Pedro is a classically trained pianist who has recently appeared in concert in Chile, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Pedro is also currently pursuing both a Masters in Music and an Advanced Certificate in Arts Administration at NYU.

Natalia Jimenez + Al ComPAZ
Al ComPAZ utilize musical education and practice to help elementary and secondary school students develop their abilities to examine and resolve conflicts and complex issues in their personal lives, communities, countries, and the world.

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