May 18, 2016

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Location: Cafe

8:30am - 10:00am EDT

0518 EditedIo
How to Have the Best Book Idea, and How to Get It Published
Writing a good book is still the best way to become a universally-regarded expert in any field. Even with the proliferation of other media, books and their authors still command profound respect—plus the perks and speaking gigs that often go along with that. Authors find that their books become a calling card for their ideas, which opens doors and provides leverage to change culture.

But a good book idea – an idea that is surprising, compelling, and complex enough to merit long-form treatment – is rare. To present that idea in a proposal that excites editors, agents, and publishers is harder still. Bad book proposal advice is rampant on the web, and many people waste weeks, even months, of effort as a result. In this workshop, two experienced editors share their knowledge about what makes for a good book idea, and how to present it to the industry. Megan Hustad worked as an editor at Random House and Perseus Books, has published two books of her own (More than Conquerors and How to be Useful) and since 2005 has helped writers realize their projects as the principal of Wherewithal Press. Jed Bickman works as an editor at The New Press, a nonprofit publisher in the public interest. Together they are collaborating on, a platform for connecting authors with publishing professionals.

To participate in this workshop, please bring your book idea in whatever form it is in – either written or just in your head – or just be prepared to talk about your interests and expertise

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