May 16, 2018

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop | #CivicWomen

Location: Stage

7:00pm - 9:30pm EST

We’re on a mission to equip female-identifying individuals with the tools and information they need to protect themselves against violence and assault. Take your personal safety into your own hands by mastering the basics of proper techniques from our Mixed Martial Art professionals. Our goal is for every attendee to walk away from this fun and educational experience with more confidence, peace of mind, and a few connections.

CivicWomen is proud to partner with JKD NYC on our first ever Women’s Self-Defense Workshop. This engaging evening event, hosted by Shaneka Ramdeen, will take place at Civic Hall and will be led by the owner of JKD NYC, Chris Moran. Also, be sure to join us after the lesson, as we transition from sweat to social with an assortment of treats and wine.

Space for this event is limited. To secure your seat, RSVP HERE



6:30PM – 7:00PM Event Registration

7:00PM – 7:05PM Welcome Remarks by CivicWomen & JKD NYC

7:05PM – 9:00PM Self-Defense Workshop led by Chris Moran

9:00PM – 9:05PM Closing Remarks

9:00PM – 09:30PM CivicWomen Networking Social

If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with CivicWomen for an upcoming event, please contact Civic Hall’s Director of Special Programs, Shaneka Ramdeen.


About JKD NYC:

JKD NYC is the premier location for learning mixed martial arts, self-defense, and functional fitness in New York City. We aim to give you a full experience by training the way martial artists and fighters were intended to train.

About CivicWomen:

Born out of Civic Hall, CivicWomen is a movement which aims to connect, educate, and inspire the growing community of women and female-identifying civic innovators.

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