Fiona Teng

Director of Marketing and Membership

Fiona has spent nearly ten years as a marketing and communication professional and a writer. As the Regional Marketing Manager, she supported the growth of Zipcar’s membership and marketing from startup to acquisition, from the West Coast to the East Coast, growing the organization through integrated and customized digital and field marketing. She has written educational materials for Scholastic, amplified student startups at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, and told countless stories through infographics, essays, poetry, interviews, and videos.

Fiona is passionate about social equity, undoing racism and patriarchy, and connecting immensely talented people for meaningful social change. Her writing is her therapy, and she belongs to numerous writing communities, including Voices of Our Nation’s Art (VONA), a writers of color collective. When not writing, Fiona is likely dancing at her favorite soca party, visiting her beloved SF Bay Area, or off on a retreat breathing deeply and trying not to think so much.

Connect with Fiona on LinkedIn or find her writing on her website.