Civicist’s First Post is my New York Times; I read it voraciously.

—Jen Pahlka, founder and executive director, Code for America

Civicist’s First Post is one of the few emails I’m subscribed to that I always make time to read all the way through. In the Trumpian era I am ever so grateful for your diligence, insight and persistence. It is keeping me informed in ways I know I need to be (even if I don’t always want to be). It’s an invaluable service.

—Emily Jacobi, founder and executive director, Digital Democracy

First Post jolts you out of submission with curated news for the social justice community, and shows you how to make an impact through a healthy mix of skepticism and penetrating insight.

—Deji Bryce Olukotun, global advocacy manager, Access Now

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Civic Hall president and co-founder Micah L. Sifry (who is also the editor of Civicist, our news-site) culls the latest news in politics, technology, and civic engagement, sifting through the noise of the day to help you find the signals you need to pay attention to:

  • Who is doing notable thinking and work in civic tech?
  • What are techies and organizers doing to defend civil society, democracy, privacy, free speech, and social justice?
  • Where are the bright signs and the warning lights?
  • When are the meetings, events, and conferences you need to know about?
  • Why does all of this matter? 

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