Announcing “Building a Bigger We: Narrative Change in the Digital Age”

Narrative Initiative and Forums @ Civic Hall are pleased announce an evening Forum on September 6th, 5:30-8:30 PM. It is focused on how recent social movements have advanced inclusive narratives on and offline and challenged our current conceptions of democracy.

This event focuses on recent national and global movements that have shifted culture and narratives about power, representation, and inclusion. These movements include the Puerto Rican Summer, the Green New Deal, and more. The discussion will focus on a new set of emerging narratives and the complicated role technology plays in that process.

Speakers will feature:

  • Astra Taylor: Activist, documentary filmmaker and author of the new book Democracy May Not Exist, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone
  • Ricardo Olivero-Lora: Puerto Rican activist, filmmaker and founder of Fuertefuerte, a digital agency
  • Waleed Shahid: Spokesperson for Justice Democrats

The house opens at 5:30pm with snacks and beverages. Programming begins at 6:00pm followed by audience Q&A with a reception to follow.

About Us:

Narrative Initiative catalyzes durable narrative change in order to make equity and social justice common sense. By weaving narrative thinking into a multidisciplinary field, we build toward a community of practice that creates a long-term shift in hearts and minds.

Forums @ Civic Hall is an event and content series dedicated to building communities of practice around core issues facing technology and civil society.