Announcing Forums @ Civic Hall

Forums @ Civic Hall are a curated event series dedicated to creating communities of practice around timely subjects at the intersection of technology and civil society. In addition to regular programming at Civic Hall, Forums @ Civic Hall is a new series that is focused on debating and refining some of the most foundational questions facing technology, governance, media, and political economy. These convenings, with accompanying content pre- and post-event, strive to include participants with different political points of view, policy experts, media figures, academics, private sector, advocacy organizations, community leaders, and leading independent watchdogs — all with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What kinds of ideas are discussed?

Forums are designed to take on big questions. Some of the broad ideas and themes we are looking at include: “Neighbors and Netizens: Designing for Healthy Civic Discourse in Tech Mediated Relationships,” “Personal Health and Platforms,” “The Big Tech Conundrum: Monopoly in the Platform Age,” “Sci-Fi Futures: Using Speculative Fiction to Imagine Alternatives in Tech and Society,” “Bipartisan Technology Regulation: What Is It and How Can It Be Done?” and  “Managing Content Moderation in A World of Nation-States.”

When, where, and how much are Forums?

These Forums run roughly every other month and take place primarily at Civic Hall. With the support of event partners, we put together afternoon and evening debates, workshops, and speaker series that create a corpus of knowledge and people around core issue areas. They are free to Civic Hall members and open to non-members for a nominal fee.  Forums are live-streamed and recorded, so viewers all over the world can watch. These recordings, along with written content and reading lists will create a body of knowledge around each of the core issues addressed by Forums @ Civic Hall.

Who is working on these Forums?

These Forums are primarily curated by Civic Hall President and Co-Founder, Micah Sifry and Danielle Lee Tomson, our new Director of Forums @ Civic Hall. You might remember Danielle as Civic Hall’s first  Membership Director. In the past few years and now, Danielle has been working on her PhD at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. In 2017 and 2018, she curated Personal Democracy Forum with Micah and Civic Hall CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Rasiej.

How Can I or My Organization Get Involved?  

We are always eager to team up with other organizations and collaborate. We are looking for curatorial and/or financial support from mission-aligned organizations who are interested in diving deeper into specific, ongoing issues. Civic Hall is not actively soliciting calls for proposals, but if Forums sound like the kind of thing you or your organization has been waiting to get involved with, please fill out this form, which will be checked on a rolling basis.