Announcing “Who Should Make the Rules? The Question of Platform Regulation”

Forums @ Civic Hall is pleased to announce its next Forum in partnership with Facebook, “Who Should Make the Rules? The Question of Platform Regulation.”  It is October 24th at 6-8:30 PM. Tickets are $10 for non-members and free for Civic Hall members (look for the code in the weekly member newsletter or on Slack). Click the button for tickets.

So what is the Forum about? We hear a lot of heated words around platforms these days. Political advertising. Free speech. Ad buys. Content moderation. Acquisitions. Privacy. Data portability. The consolidation of power and decision-making in powerful platform companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon has many wondering, “Who should make the rules governing these decisions” in addition to “what should these rules be?”

Some experts call for governments to regulate and each has a proposal. Others ask for more multi-stakeholder or outside oversight. Others want to break-up these companies as a way of mitigating the scale of the problems. The companies themselves have asked for regulation from democratically elected governments. While many have ideas on what the rules themselves should be, a larger question remains: who ought to be making the rules in the first place? Who is making them right now?

Join Forums @ Civic Hall in partnership with Facebook as we host a discussion about the question of platform regulation and rule-making. With experts from academia, the policy community, and the platform industry, this Forum focuses on both broad and specific questions of who and how ought to regulate platforms.

Currently confirmed is Harold Feld from Public Knowledge, who will speak about his vision for platform regulation as articulated in his new book “The Case for the Digital Platform Act: Breakups, Starfish Problems, & Tech Regulation.” Others from Facebook and the academic community will be confirmed soon.

The evening begins promptly at 6:15 with speeches from each respondent, followed by moderated conversation and audience Q&A.