Tenzin Kyisarh

Tenzin Kyisarh, Marketing Associate at Civic Hall

“I have had the best of both worlds – I can do the American side, my Tibetan self. But since most of my upbringing took place in developing countries, I tend to think about what happens to the weakest stakeholders.”

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers  

Meet Tenzin Kyisarh. Tenzin is the newest member of the Civic Hall staff. She is a social media geek, Fulbright Scholar, polyglot (she speaks Tibetan, English, Hindi, Nepali, Korean, and Thai!) and travel enthusiast. Prior to joining Civic Hall, Tenzin worked as the Editorial and Communications Manager for Women’s March Global where she managed and implemented social media campaigns and outreach. Tenzin is a first-generation Tibetan-American who has a passion for using social media as a means of creating and building communities.

You can follow Tenzin on Twitter, and reach her via email, and LinkedIn.

What Does She Do? 

Tenzin joined Civic Hall this August as part of its Marketing team. As our Marketing Associate, she specializes in social media and newsletter curation. In her spare time, she also freelances for the New York Tibetan Service Center as a Social Media Manager to support its social media strategy and outreach.

How Did She Get Into This Work?

“I was born in Tibet. My family moved to Nepal after I was born and settled there. Then, due to Nepal’s political instability, I was sent to India for my education.” 

While Tenzin’s family relocated to the district of Darjeeling in Calcutta, her mother emigrated to New York City, where she joined the workforce as a domestic worker. It would be ten years before she and her entire family were reunited in New York. Upon her arrival, Tenzin initially attended the Queens-based I.S 235, Academy for New Americans – designed to help acclimate new students to the States. Tenzin later matriculated in Legal Outreach, an afterschool program for students of color in NYC. A highlight of the program was participating in a debate competition, where one of the judges at Brooklyn Supreme Court was none other than Justice Sotomayor (just prior to her SCOTUS elevation). “I tend to be shy, but we won the competition, I realized — I can do this. I credit this program with where I am today.”

Tenzin was a member of the first graduating class of Bard High School Early College, Queens: “It gave me access to opportunities and resources, and made me aspire to attend something beyond community college.” Tenzin was accepted by Wesleyan University where she became an Anthropology major. After graduation, she became a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand. 

Tenzin’s Fulbright year in Sukhothai, Thailand with her 11th-grade students.

Flash forward to summer of 2018, Tenzin interned at Women’s March Global – a Civic Hall member org — and after three months was offered the fulltime position of Editorial and Communications Manager. “I got into social media marketing as a professional career choice through WMG, but I was always interested in social media and had an interest in the non-profit world whether it was interning at Legal Outreach, or freelancing for the New York Tibetan Service Center.

This August Tenzin joined Civic Hall as our Marketing Associate.

How Did She Come To Civic Hall?

“I was introduced to Civic Hall via Women’s March Global. While working out of Civic Hall as a member, I had the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds and organizations that I never would have had the chance to meet.”

What Project Is She Working On?

This summer Tenzin was part of a pilot mentoring program for Tibetan-American high school students launched by the New York Tibetan Service Center (NYTSC). The program is designed to support Tibetan-American high school students who lack the resources and opportunities to access private universities.

What is She Reading/Watching/Listening To?

Tenzin likes to binge on her Netflix, including anything to do with serial killers, such as the most recent season of David Fincher’s Mindhunter. (She’s in good company.)

What Is Her Ask of Civic Hall? 

Ask: “I ask the community to be mindful and accepting of your own place in society and the privilege that comes with being who you are. Be mindful of your peers and colleagues of color that are being questioned about their “America-ness” at a time that is challenging our notion of values and culture.”

Offer: “My role at Civic Hall is about telling stories and representing the organization in public, or virtually. I would like to know more members – then I can tell or present their stories via social media or posts. I hope to get to know most of you – the regulars – and connect members not just to Civic Hall, but to humanity.”

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