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The Digital Learning Center

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Mockup of the new Civic Hall building at Union Square

Despite the increasingly central role technology is playing across all sectors of society, many community organizations and government agencies are still not able to optimize their internal technology capacities. In fact, out of 80 nonprofits surveyed by Civic Hall in late 2017, 100% expressed a need for professional training around digital skills with the most interest being in classes on data science and analytics, cybersecurity, digital fundraising, and data-driven advocacy and marketing. In response, Civic Hall formed the Digital Learning Center (DLC), which offers professional development opportunities to two sectors that represent and serve all New Yorkers, and that also lag far behind in digital literacy: nonprofits and government. 

We’re excited to roll out many digital skills workshop pilots facilitated by industry experts so we can optimize the DLC for when we move into our new building at Civic Hall @ Union Square in late 2020!

Upcoming Workshops:

3/14 | 10am – 5pm
Data Driven Marketing Intensive: Strategy & Application
This project-based workshop will teach you how to develop a marketing strategy, identify KPIs and key metrics, develop a creative brief, select which marketing channels would be best for your organization, measuring and optimizing campaign results and utilize best practices for data reporting. 

3/21 | 9:30am – 4:30pm
Cybersecurity for Nonprofits & Mission Driven Businesses
This workshop will help participants build a solid foundation for those looking to significantly improve their literacy around digital security. The training will focus on both strategy and tactics, helping students learn foundational security skills that will apply for years to come, while also delving into the specific tactics and tools that are most relevant today. 

 4/02 & 4/03 | 10am – 6pm
Social Media for Advocacy
 (2-day workshop)
Your organization has a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Instagram…but now what? How do these tools fit into your organization’s long term strategies for winning? This training will offer 2 days of actionable insights and case studies to help you solve the Social Media Strategy puzzle. 

4/11 | 1 – 5 pm
Ethical Data Collection
This course covers best practices for ethical data collection including consentful gathering and communication with constituents, types of data and their sensitivity levels, and how to store the data securely.

Stay tuned to more workshops in the Summer! Check back in a couple weeks to see the new set of workshops. 


In 2018, we piloted four of our workshops with the following results:

  • 56 participants attended
  • Representing 38 nonprofits, government agencies, and social good organizations
  • Organizations that participated included Upwardly Global, The Door, University Settlement, Educational Alliance, the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Laguardia Community College, The New York Public Library, Workforce Opportunity Services, and Center for NYC Neighborhoods.
  • Over 80% of participants reported significant increase in their understanding of the topics and gained confidence implementing these skills in their day-to-day work

Participants at each pilot workshop completed pre- and post-workshop surveys on their knowledge-change and confidence in utilizing these skills within their organizations.  A number of participants also expressed an interest in participating in longer internal retreats with their entire teams, which we took into consideration for our 2019 programming plan.

In 2019, Civic Hall plans to:

  • Launch 6 new courses on topics including AI for Nonprofit and Social Media for Advocacy
  • Create tailored and intensive workshop series for 5 organizations focused on Human Centered Design and Data-Driven Program Design for Nonprofits
  • Conduct second iterations of our current workshop topics; serve at least 400 individuals from 100 public sector agencies
  • Develop/finalize each course curricula with an eye towards expanding these offerings further in 2020.


Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, Organizers-In-Residence

Since Civic Hall opened in 2015, we have hosted a number of exciting and impactful programs to support incredible entrepreneurs, organizers, government staff, and nonprofit professionals build and grow their ideas.

Through our Entrepreneurs in Residence and Organizers in Residence programs, many issue areas are addressed, including gender and racial equality, voter turnout and engagement, youth empowerment, veterans’ rights, criminal legal reform, homelessness, and many others. 

Check out our two most recent residency cohorts to learn more about their important work: Entrepreneurs in Residence and Organizers in Residence


Civic Women

Civic Women is a community of women + women-identified civic tech practitioners and leaders who gather regularly to explore and discuss a full range of topics that impact their roles and participation in the civic tech world.

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