The Civic Hall Event Center

The Civic Hall Event Center brings industry and community together for business or leisure pursuits in a unique downtown setting in Union Square, a transit-rich, central hub for connecting and gathering.
We have a range of spaces that can accommodate your event ideas, such as a lecture series, cocktail party, gala event, conferences, board meetings, and breakout sessions.

Full-Service Amenities Across Both Floors

Event Space Infrastructure and Services

Event Options / Configurations


The Craig Newmark Auditorium

– Second Floor

Our centerpiece event space for Civic Hall is made possible through an extremely generous donation by Craig Newmark, the Founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.
With soaring glass windows overlooking the Union Square city landscape, the Auditorium space offers variable capacity and configurations – from a 250-person gala dinner to a 300+ keynote address, to a 500+ standing cocktail party. Whether you are hosting a conference or a fundraising event, the Craig Newmark Auditorium provides the flexibility to serve your event capacity needs and includes state-of-the-art amenities accommodating a wide range of meetings and events.
Special rates for nonprofits, community organizations, Civic Hall members and Zero Irving tenants are available; please contact us with your event information and we will reach out to you with a customized pricing proposal.

The Symposium Spaces – Third Floor

The Symposium Spaces comprises five beautifully designed mixed-use spaces that can accommodate a variety of group sizes. Select a conference/breakout room, all five spaces, or combine The Symposium Spaces with the Craig Newman Auditorium for larger events or conferences. All rooms can be configured based on meeting or event theme.
Our top-level preferred vendors will support all your events and meeting requirements. Our à la carte menu of options affords you maximum flexibility in terms of who you can work with. We offer the option to hire one of our event planning professionals to coordinate all your event or meeting requirements.
Full buy-out of the Auditorium and the Symposium Spaces is $40,000 for the day. Full buy-out of the Symposium Spaces alone is $18,000 for the day. Otherwise, prices vary depending on needs.
Discounts available for nonprofits, government agencies, and Zero Irving Tenants, so please contact us directly at

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