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Welcome to Civic Hall, a one-of-a-kind non-profit collaboration center for the world’s civic innovators. We are a community space where social entrepreneurs, change-makers, government employees, hackers, academics, journalists, and artists can share knowledge, build tools, and solve problems together. 

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First Post

  • Bad Data. Bad!

    Many angry over false viewership numbers from Facebook video ads; NYC Mayors Office sent 400,000 mailers to ‘inactive voters’, many of whom were active; and more

  • UnCivil Times

    Blockchain company Civil falls short in coin offering goal for Civil Media; #MeToo now has one year of digital data available; and more

  • Big Hacks

    Tiny chips from China found in devices used by nearly 30 U.S. companies; a record 800,000 people registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day; and more.

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