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Welcome! Civic Hall is the nation’s leading center for learning and collaboration focused on advancing civic tech and problem-solving for the public good. We serve as a dynamic and uniquely inclusive hub for ideas, tools, learning, relationships and ventures—both old and new—that can bring about a more just society. 

We provide both today’s and tomorrow’s civic activists with the means to reinvent civic engagement in the 21st century. We define civic activists as the people, teams, organizations and networks—at any and every level within an organization, community, company, city or country—who are transforming how society responds to urgent social problems. We work to give them the skills, relationships and tech they need to profoundly improve the institutions and systems that shape how society works and who has power. 

By building, connecting and diversifying this community, we are creating new institutional infrastructure for generating greater value, equity and justice in society.

Civic Hall video from December 2015

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