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Civic Hall envisions a society that is more fair, just, and democratic. Our mission is to build the power and capacity of civic-minded people and organizations.

We are a non-profit center for learning, collaboration, and technology for the public good. At Civic Hall, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, government staff, community organizers, philanthropists, software developers, data scientists, and media makers come together to share knowledge and solve pressing public interest problems.

Civic Hall video from December 2015

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First Post

  • Toxic Ventures

    Dem tech billionaires to the rescue? The trouble with scale; tracking health worker protests; and more.

  • Problematics

    On the Internet, no one knows who is nearby, and why that's a problem; plus when misinformation goes too far; and more.

  • New Models

    Retooling for worker power, better state services; the infodemic challenge; and much more.

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